Lead Management

Do you have an ever-growing list of leads that is getting a little tedious for you to manage? Then you are not alone. We know how important leads are to the business especially when they consist of information that helps convert them into actual customers. Now storing that information is not an easy task.

But, what if we told you that you can manage all your leads in one centralised hub? Doesn’t that sound much easier than going through pages and pages of data? All the information you have collected on your leads, such as prior communication history, score leads, basic information, and more, all in one place for you to track with ease.

We, at Vocstur, aim to deliver you the ease of being able to view every single detail of your lead in one place. You will be able to view your leads’ every touchpoint with your business, like website visits, email opens, social media engagement, content viewed, and much more.

This integration will enable every department of your business to be able to access this information to serve your customers better. So, sign up now and create a database of your leads the best way possible

Excited about building a better experience for your team and customers? Sign up now!

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